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You will find on the site weekly articles that appear in seven newspapers. The columns express ideas and views of the power of higher education, and its impact on society. These are reflections on how universities work and the value they bring to individuals and the larger community – musings intended to cause reflection on our nation’s universities.  They are the foundation of a graduate seminar I teach on Higher Education Leadership and are intended to provoke discussion.

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I share this simple thought:

Governments cannot make universities by enactments of laws: Nor corporations by erections of edifices: The church cannot create them under the authority of heaven: The flattering eulogies of orators cannot adorn them with learning: Newspapers cannot puff them into being. Learned men-scholars- these are the only workmen who can build up universities. Provide charters and endowments- the necessary protection and capital – provide books and apparatus- the necessary tools: Then seek out sufficient scholars, and leave them to their work, as the intellectual engineers who alone are competent to do it.

–Henry P. Tappan (1805-1881) President, University of Michigan 1858, lecture, Christian Library Association 22 June, quoted in Richard Hofstadter and William Smith (eds.) American Higher Education: A Documentary History Volume II 1961, p. 519


One thought on “About this site

  1. Hello Dr. Wendler,

    I am not sure you remember me, we are connected via LinkedIn so you can recall.

    I wanted to say I enjoy reading what you write and feel this is a side of you, being a student, I never saw. The last few years I have been working on personal development and my education and find your work helpful and interesting.

    Keep up them coming.

    Sincerely and respectfully,


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